Welcome to MrcKmr!

What and Who is MrcKmr?
Well my name is Maurice Kumar, without vowel results “MrcKmr”.


I have successfully been a freelance graphic designer now for a while and it has given me even more love for this work. I have worked with bars, casinos, discos, sport clubs, hotels, restaurants, influencer, webshops, business woman & men, the government, like the police & medics, friends & family. To work with people from all over the world is very rewarding. Germany, Netherlands, England, Italy, Greece, France, Spain, Portugal, Qatar, Dubai, Indonesia, USA and Turkey are some of the countries I have worked with. Well not the country itself, but with the people or companys there.


I’m a graphic designer from Germany currently based in Spain. Working with satisfied partners worldwide. I’m working in web and graphic design for over 9 years, and practicing in personal service more and more. At first I intended to be an IT system electronics technician, but that changed while doing my practical training. Things led to another, 2 years went by and I was now a freelance graphic designer without ever planning to become one.

I live and work in Spain, but also travel to the clients HQ to work very closely with the people there. That can be anywhere on this great planet, also with every trip there’s experience combined. Over 9+ years experience in graphic design. With the passion for graphic design I connect perfectly with my partners. I firmly believe that if you put in the time, hard work and always pay attention to the finest details, you will be recieve satisfaction everytime.